That Moment Driving

From Des Arc to Brinkley, Arkansas
The podcast is drowned out by
The steady and yet aggressive 
Pitter patter on the windshield 
And you can only drive
At a speed around 40
And the crop dusting
Airplane is parked
And shock
Sets in
As a
Bolt suddenly
Jolts near your car
You think then it doesn’t
Matter how far you have to go
Just as long as you get there safe

Family Quirks

What do I recall of my grandparent’s home?

The combined smell of them and their living
There. I was keenly aware of strong coffee aromas,
Tasty baked goods too, and how well we seemed to all gel.

What could be heard there?

Shuffling of cards, two decks mostly,
Ghostly tv screen static as they fell asleep
Again to the late night news, reclined softly.

What else did I see?

Golly gee, what didn’t I see in the garden we planted outside
Taken inside to cook after me poking deep in soil, where
Fat worms roamed and ants tried making their home?

How about fresh mint mixed with sugar, water, and tea bags,
Drags of ash growing longer, closer to their cigarette butts,
Plus a sizzling pan of fried eggplant bubbling in the oil?

Yes, I was quite spoiled too when we left all that.
Pawpaw’s hat? Check. Cane polls, bait, a light snack
In the backseat next to me in the old Chrysler Plymouth.

Perch with cut off heads, scaled, and back into the frying pan
Our hands were always full of life, liberty, and our mouths
Were quite proud of our hard work and family quirks.

Enneagram Work

We each reflect a mere shade of the divine 
Why should I shame one with a different shade than mine

Mine, as if I possess what’s been entrusted to me
A gift rusted from being overexposed to my ego

Low and behold, there’s a newness, a purity, an innocence
Waiting to be unearthed, baptized into consciousness 

Self meet soul child, whose been present since birth
Rehearsed away by your unconscious, spiraling actions 

Now rising a Phoenix, dusting off the thing that you called your life
Rife with life in a True Tone, renewed to your shade of divine, sublime


When light suddenly dissipates
And darkness overshadows you
What is that sense you get within?

That powerful feeling called dread

Status update: a cloud overhead
Then you relax as your keen senses
Diligently continue their important work

Driving my kids to school one morning
I discovered animals, different sorts even
Have theses senses too, although maybe less

Exhibit A: a young squirrel running forward
Instead of, like most its kind, darting to the side
Passing dead momma or papa, finally it runs up a tree

Or take the oversized puppy, oddly seen after
Plodding along like an idiot in the street, literally
Excited to please, presenting himself in front of cars

Alas, on par, is a mourning dove, seen last
Passing from side street into my street slowly
Noticing near death, it backs up looking quite lowly

Wake Up Calls

If I had to be woken up early
I guess I’d rather it be by owls
Their long Os are soothing to me

This really happened one day
Once when my wife woke at 3 am
In order to teach her online class, yay

The second sound was jarring, ah
My wife’s alarm sound is of an old
Time-y car horn: Ah-woooooo-gah

Again, I prefer the initial Os
Of one owl talking to another
Peacefully: Who-ooo-oo-oo-oo

I wonder if they were settling in for the night
From doggedly hunting their prey down all day

Full of Cheer

“There are moments that cry out to be fulfilled.”   - Mary Oliver

For Justin Holloway

Mud-marked stencils of leaves on the concrete
Remind me of recent rains that spanned days
But let’s not genuflect on fall’s ugly beauty
Instead, there’s a day most special to me

Picture that first real day of the season
When we all went down to Peebles Farm
Charmed by the thoughts of pumpkin patch
As our friendship, true and meaningful, latched

You wore your puffy black vest
While the sun shone oh so bright
Right in our faces as we waited and waited
For funnel cake and kettle-cooked corn to satiate

Inquiries brought new discoveries of living
Once in California and other shared interests
Rest beckoned somewhere behind the scenes yet
We hid time away, happily and otherwise invested

There was a spirit in the air, full of cheer
As we, with glee, sat by the fire and talked on
Drawn to deep speaking to deep and the mystery
Of others coming together to be seen and also to see

Revenant Moon

1       Lie down we now, fast awake

	 Wondering what we want to do

	 Considering all we have at stake

	 Sleep deep soon as restless fools

2       Snuggle her fast, tight enough

	 She feels mostly contentment

	 Eyelids shifting, now abrupt

	 Sun down, moon revenant

3       Brain cells fire, then reload

	 Slow and cease taking in

	 Cycle a different mode

	 Living essence within

What’s Better?

They say humans live to eat and eat to live
Well, my dog plays to live and lives to play

I say too that I live to drink beer and whiskey
But that doesn’t work round the other way

Hey, my problem really is living to eat
Past a treat or minor indulgence

I full blown overindulge, since
I stopped paying attention

And round and round
We go again, asking

Is it better to live to eat
Or eat to live?


Here's a little beach inspired poem to brighten your day.
I can't wait to go back!


Reading tea leaves at the beach,
The man bends down picking up
What he decided deserves attention:
A barnacle shell cluster

I found lots of pelican
Feathers I can utilize
As quills with ink wells for many letters
To my beloved friends and family

Not bad for a day rainy, now windy
This day fits over my soul like a glove
As others shove nets in for some treasure
And thwack-thwock a ball in a game they love