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  • MicroPoem 90

    MicroPoem 90

    Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash There they were, cows eating grass in the rain, Plain as day, neither anxious nor dismayed.

  • MicroPoem 89

    MicroPoem 89

    Photo by SHIKEE – on Unsplash Cloud cover and light rain all day does dismay. Have a good day, we say to each other. I add, Hopefully our moods will improve tomorrow.

  • MicroPoem 88

    MicroPoem 88

    Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash What I need to do is Stop now, sit quietly, Recalibrate, because We oscillate between

  • MicroPoem 87

    MicroPoem 87

    Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash What I should do is Plan, call so-and-so, And learn how to say No

  • MicroPoem 86

    MicroPoem 86

    Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash What I want to do is Unique, exciting, and mostly New

  • MicroPoem 85

    MicroPoem 85

    Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash We oscillate between What we want to, should, need to Do

  • MicroPoem 84

    MicroPoem 84

    Rub your back smoothly; little spoon’s asleep Late night possibility or perhaps another poem What is missing here? Oh listen, that’s our alarm

  • MicroPoem 83

    MicroPoem 83

    Yes to more coffee, then back to the grocery Throw dinner together during bath-time struggles Kids get to bed already, mom and dad are spent, we said

  • MicroPoem 82

    MicroPoem 82

    We’ve a red front door for quick goodbyes Hugs and kisses, are more or less our chores Wish we’d’ve more time to properly seize this day

  • MicroPoem 81

    MicroPoem 81

    We hit the snooze button but must get up To shower quick and yell a bit as girls awake Half-baked lunches as we make breakfast late

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