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  • MicroPoem 3

    MicroPoem 3

    Photo by Miriam G on Unsplash Overwhelmed so soon, by January 3rd I’ll cling to Jesus like a book to a nerd No wait, reverse that last part

  • MicroPoem 2

    Today I am learning that which trims the fat Slicing my will away from Christ’s desire

  • MicroPoem 1

    MicroPoem 1

    What is there on this road to discover But a maple leaf cup to now treasure

  • You Hate, Maybe

    You Hate, Maybe

    You hate, maybe, that I always give The name Bigfoot at Starbucks, but today Is special: Emma is getting her ears pierced And she’s actually sitting longer than five minutes Reading “Invisible Emmie” while we Take pictures of each other to send Back and forth, when suddenly I think Potato Face or Celery Stalker would…

  • Des Arc Spring

    Des Arc Spring

    Photo by Justin Wilkens on Unsplash Levee walking, I bring Only what you’d call a necessity 4-wheelers humming on my left Periodic lawnmowers buzzing right Exercise will bring sound sleep tonight

  • New Beach

    New Beach

    As tumbleweed tumbles free Foam wildly roams from the sea Floats across the wet brushed land And dissipates as it hits jagged sand Dead fish corpses from red tide days ago Disappeared, making this beach look anew Seagull presence grew, replacing the flies One stands next to us, meeting the eyes Of beach folk encircled,…

  • Hunger Kills

    Hunger Kills

    A lone pelican coasting the sea Stalks slowly, maintaining speed Sees a tiny snack only yards down And pounces momentarily around Readjusting steadily, striking its bite Missed or eaten, it resumes flight Now, I notice, it’s part of a fleet Strategizing loosely to retreat Hold on; this just in: they begin Scoping new hunting ground…

  • Southern Charm

    This poem was inspired by my very creative and wonderful mother-in-law, Susan. I always enjoy getting to visit her home, because I feel like I’m at home there. The first picture is a space in her foyer and the second one is of her guest bathroom. Enjoy! In my mother-in-law’s home There are many places…

  • Nighttime Magic

    Nighttime Magic

    I recall there was a train track In the front of my subdivision And another one at the back Getting to sleep was mostly cued By the buzz of the last played song Ringing along horns, setting the mood The next blast typically came from afar Inching closer as footsteps growing louder Or echoing brilliant…

  • Middle Name: Surprise

    Middle Name: Surprise

    Big Dipper through the trees Most all else, mysteries unseen Shapes play tricks while fireflies blink Their sparkle and my eyes affix in sync Pipe smoke billows, adding to the mix Layered atmosphere with crackling sticks Joined also by the input of wild creatures Little did I foresee this all being my teacher This forest…

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