Hardtack Rat: chewing on life one bite at a time

  • MicroPoem 61

    MicroPoem 61

    Gray and black, Ginger and khaki, These are the colors Of our beloved critters

  • MicroPoem 60

    MicroPoem 60

    Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash A squirrel gingerly hops on and on Through our back yard, sniffing and Digging for remnants of hidden food I wonder, do they have a shadow to see?

  • MicroPoem 59

    MicroPoem 59

    Photo by berenice martinez on Unsplash I dreamt I was assigned an essay On what’s better than the internet Family or some yummy charcuterie

  • MicroPoem 58

    MicroPoem 58

    Photo by Kenny Kennethh on Unsplash I dreamt I was assigned an essay On what’s better than the internet How about electricity and a fast ISP Throw in too a device or two to connect

  • MicroPoem 57

    MicroPoem 57

    Photo by Lesly Derksen on Unsplash Enjoying a rainy Friday Watching Alone together

  • MicroPoem 56

    MicroPoem 56

    Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash “My plantar fasciitis is going away,” I say, “more and more each day.”

  • MicroPoem 55

    MicroPoem 55

    Image by faherneit451 from Pixabay Her art teacher misspelled her name Then a substitute teacher called out “Shopia?” So next I said, “Shopia the chauffeur had a shofar!”

  • MicroPoem 54

    MicroPoem 54

    Mist covers the face of the lake Like tiredness fogs my morning walk Wild geese honk, honk, honk, as they Take off from the water aright in flight

  • MicroPoem 53

    MicroPoem 53

    Photo by Molnár Bálint on Unsplash Idn‘t somethin’ that a lil ole bird Makes so much racket when you’re Walking through the woods alone?

  • MicroPoem 52

    MicroPoem 52

    I walk by these two geese sounding Like dogs barking through my earbuds Their honking obviously distorted