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  • MicroPoem 47

    MicroPoem 47

    Image by Ernesto Pasini from Pixabay What do you associate with the word diphthong? A straw hat paired with a thong or a boy acting coy on a mat? Or how about being on cloud 9 as tongs dip fruit into some chocolate?

  • New Beach

    New Beach

    As tumbleweed tumbles free Foam wildly roams from the sea Floats across the wet brushed land And dissipates as it hits jagged sand Dead fish corpses from red tide days ago Disappeared, making this beach look anew Seagull presence grew, replacing the flies One stands next to us, meeting the eyes Of beach folk encircled,…

  • Hunger Kills

    Hunger Kills

    A lone pelican coasting the sea Stalks slowly, maintaining speed Sees a tiny snack only yards down And pounces momentarily around Readjusting steadily, striking its bite Missed or eaten, it resumes flight Now, I notice, it’s part of a fleet Strategizing loosely to retreat Hold on; this just in: they begin Scoping new hunting ground…

  • Our Squabble

    Observing a girl opening her bag of chips To the beachfront residents, mostly winged I remember a poignant line from Jurassic Park: “They’re moving in herds; they do move in herds.” In this experience, I accordingly concoct the phrase: “They’re flocking over to her; they do flock to her.” Meanwhile, a seagull two yards away…

  • Attention

    Here’s a little beach inspired poem to brighten your day. I can’t wait to go back! “Attention” Reading tea leaves at the beach, The man bends down picking up What he decided deserves attention: A barnacle shell cluster I found lots of pelican Feathers I can utilize As quills with ink wells for many letters…

  • Wave Wonder

  • Beach Goers

    Reading of Kino’s pearl With my wife My girl

  • Twist & Twirl

    The breath held within When a slight back twist And planting of legs again

  • Season Change

    Considering we’re halfway through winter now, I thought it’d be great to share my best poem as of late. This piece of information would be helpful for you to know, dear reader: I use a beach chair to sit by the fire during wintertime. Enjoy!   “Season Change” Out my front doorway Look there you’ll…

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