Tag: Birds

  • MicroPoem 66

    MicroPoem 66

    Photo by Patrik László on Unsplash The darkness lurking nearby – As it nears our lives, we ask why It comes out of hiding to surround Like birds unseen, then darting down

  • MicroPoem 54

    MicroPoem 54

    Mist covers the face of the lake Like tiredness fogs my morning walk Wild geese honk, honk, honk, as they Take off from the water aright in flight

  • MicroPoem 53

    MicroPoem 53

    Photo by Molnár Bálint on Unsplash Idn‘t somethin’ that a lil ole bird Makes so much racket when you’re Walking through the woods alone?

  • MicroPoem 51

    • • •         • • • •                    •                       • • •                               •            …

  • MicroPoem 11

    MicroPoem 11

    Photo by Hussain Badshah on Unsplash One time, near the bank of the #2 lake, That goose chased me for heaven’s sake!

  • MicroPoem 10

    MicroPoem 10

    Photo by Andrey Tikhonovskiy on Unsplash Swimming, once permitted, is no longer allowed Except for the many small to midrange waterfowl

  • MicroPoem 9

    MicroPoem 9

    Oh wow! Geese here now, My muse allows: Breath, Silence, Reverie.

  • MicroPoem 7

    MicroPoem 7

    Photo by Albert Stoynov on Unsplash Ducks on alert As I run and skirt Glances that nearly hurt

  • New Beach

    New Beach

    As tumbleweed tumbles free Foam wildly roams from the sea Floats across the wet brushed land And dissipates as it hits jagged sand Dead fish corpses from red tide days ago Disappeared, making this beach look anew Seagull presence grew, replacing the flies One stands next to us, meeting the eyes Of beach folk encircled,…

  • Hunger Kills

    Hunger Kills

    A lone pelican coasting the sea Stalks slowly, maintaining speed Sees a tiny snack only yards down And pounces momentarily around Readjusting steadily, striking its bite Missed or eaten, it resumes flight Now, I notice, it’s part of a fleet Strategizing loosely to retreat Hold on; this just in: they begin Scoping new hunting ground…

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