Sitting in a humid May

The day is nearly halfway

Through girl giggles as they

Leap through water sprinkles

I ponder the skies turning darker

Alerted to noises of chicken wander

Many dig, dig and chatter away as the

Cool breeze rustles leaves inches above

Their heads bobbing around, up and down

Suddenly our dog’s bark elicits cluck, clucks

Away, Far Away

Making a kiss sound in her direction

Just to capture, for a bit, her attention

She looks up, smiles big, then back down

As I admire her beauty as she can’t see now

How her skin is so fair and her hairs

So smooth and soft, it takes my cares

Away, far away, and for a moment today

Changes my old heart in incremental ways

I see her graces while she paces

My anticipation for relaxing spaces

Held much later and dearly together

Snuggling, reading, laughing, whatever