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  • MicroPoem 84

    MicroPoem 84

    Rub your back smoothly; little spoon’s asleep Late night possibility or perhaps another poem What is missing here? Oh listen, that’s our alarm

  • MicroPoem 83

    MicroPoem 83

    Yes to more coffee, then back to the grocery Throw dinner together during bath-time struggles Kids get to bed already, mom and dad are spent, we said

  • MicroPoem 82

    MicroPoem 82

    We’ve a red front door for quick goodbyes Hugs and kisses, are more or less our chores Wish we’d’ve more time to properly seize this day

  • MicroPoem 81

    MicroPoem 81

    We hit the snooze button but must get up To shower quick and yell a bit as girls awake Half-baked lunches as we make breakfast late

  • MicroPoem 59

    MicroPoem 59

    Photo by berenice martinez on Unsplash I dreamt I was assigned an essay On what’s better than the internet Family or some yummy charcuterie

  • MicroPoem 57

    MicroPoem 57

    Photo by Lesly Derksen on Unsplash Enjoying a rainy Friday Watching Alone together

  • You Hate, Maybe

    You Hate, Maybe

    You hate, maybe, that I always give The name Bigfoot at Starbucks, but today Is special: Emma is getting her ears pierced And she’s actually sitting longer than five minutes Reading “Invisible Emmie” while we Take pictures of each other to send Back and forth, when suddenly I think Potato Face or Celery Stalker would…

  • Southern Charm

    This poem was inspired by my very creative and wonderful mother-in-law, Susan. I always enjoy getting to visit her home, because I feel like I’m at home there. The first picture is a space in her foyer and the second one is of her guest bathroom. Enjoy! In my mother-in-law’s home There are many places…

  • Family Quirks

    What do I recall of my grandparent’s home? The combined smell of them and their living There. I was keenly aware of strong coffee aromas, Tasty baked goods too, and how well we seemed to all gel. What could be heard there? Shuffling of cards, two decks mostly, Ghostly tv screen static as they fell…

  • If Only…

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