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  • MicroPoem 110

    MicroPoem 110

    Photo by Hillshire Farm on Unsplash Not an apple was ett But the sandwich was bit

  • MicroPoem 68

    MicroPoem 68

    I’m glad we have Great Value milk and eggs These pancakes can finally be made!

  • MicroPoem 59

    MicroPoem 59

    Photo by berenice martinez on Unsplash I dreamt I was assigned an essay On what’s better than the internet Family or some yummy charcuterie

  • MicroPoem 47

    MicroPoem 47

    Image by Ernesto Pasini from Pixabay What do you associate with the word diphthong? A straw hat paired with a thong or a boy acting coy on a mat? Or how about being on cloud 9 as tongs dip fruit into some chocolate?

  • What’s Better?

    They say humans live to eat and eat to live Well, my dog plays to live and lives to play I say too that I live to drink beer and whiskey But that doesn’t work round the other way Hey, my problem really is living to eat Past a treat or minor indulgence I full…

  • Steak Ship (Haiku)

  • I Have a Problem

    “Food is My Poison”

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