Best of Friends

Driving somewhere new, I create
Directions in football play language,
Like Blue Left, Pines Right: Searcy Arkansas

I came to know it so well, especially the stretch
Between Blue Left and Pines Right: Old Railroad Road

Then, etched in my memory of that one day,
Was added Rocky Road Left, when I encountered
The best of friends, doing what all buddies do together:

Kicking rocks, jumping and skipping in joy
Chatting with one another; filled exuberantly
With the deep bonds of friendship manifesting

I don’t know what breed they were, but
I say this: Rocky Road Left points to the
Best of dog friends I have ever witnessed


Sitting in a humid May

The day is nearly halfway

Through girl giggles as they

Leap through water sprinkles

I ponder the skies turning darker

Alerted to noises of chicken wander

Many dig, dig and chatter away as the

Cool breeze rustles leaves inches above

Their heads bobbing around, up and down

Suddenly our dog’s bark elicits cluck, clucks