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  • MicroPoem 115

    MicroPoem 115

    For their appearances for baptism at the river, Sloane didn’t care, but Sawyer fixed her hair.

  • MicroPoem 50

    MicroPoem 50

    Photo by Dave Robinson on Unsplash Like Mary Oliver’s poems, mine are inspired by nature And tracks newly trekked that lead to God knows where…

  • MicroPoem 41

    MicroPoem 41

    Photo by Nat Callaghan on Unsplash Studying Scripture and listening to P&P music, Emotions stir from the magnificent and realistic

  • MicroPoem 34

    MicroPoem 34

    Photo by Mitchell Hollander on Unsplash I once wished the space and substance With which I currently inhibit and exist Would fade to darkness, nothingness, As the last of me that dissipates, Staring away, would be my face

  • MicroPoem 33

    MicroPoem 33

    Photo by Bacila Vlad on Unsplash As I leave the room with hidden tears I know my presence doesn’t matter here

  • MircoPoem 32

    MircoPoem 32

    Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash Disappearing into the abyss of nothingness Is a fantasy that never truly comes to be

  • MicroPoem 23

    MicroPoem 23

    Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash I got into some backroad That went up, then went down It twisted left and curved around Thank God I didn’t want to be found

  • MicroPoem 12

    MicroPoem 12

    Photo by Oscar Sutton on Unsplash Mopping turning into a holy moment: Amen.

  • MicroPoem 4

    MicroPoem 4

    Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash Who thought walking could jostle The memory of a mystical experience

  • Middle Name: Surprise

    Middle Name: Surprise

    Big Dipper through the trees Most all else, mysteries unseen Shapes play tricks while fireflies blink Their sparkle and my eyes affix in sync Pipe smoke billows, adding to the mix Layered atmosphere with crackling sticks Joined also by the input of wild creatures Little did I foresee this all being my teacher This forest…

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