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  • Trinity Haikus

  • Reality

    Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

  • Human Certainty

    Today has been filled with conversations surrounding human certainty, or should I say, the desire to have certainty of things as humans. Or, if you prefer the term, clarity. Ironically, the first conversation was with my four-year-old daughter. Kids have so much to teach me. They can also teach you about yourself. We were looking…

  • Civil War Thanksgiving Reflections

    We always think of eating turkey on Thanksgiving day, but sometimes people choose to eat other meats instead. For instance, my stepdad does not like eating turkey at all. He doesn’t like the taste. So, we’ll graciously provide a cooked ham for him to eat for “turkey” day. As I was scrolling through soldiers’ diaries…

  • Received Packages are Sweet, Even If Opened Later

    I received a package today and, as usual, had to wait to open it. The surprise of discovering what lies inside excites me. Having to wait to open it just makes the anticipation grow all the more. Even if it’s a present for someone else, like today’s was (we’ve done a majority of our Christmas…

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