Tag: Lakewood

  • MicroPoem 27

    MicroPoem 27

    To our surprise, as well as theirs, A robot brought out food on tiers. It even played music for a birthday!

  • MicroPoem 25

    MicroPoem 25

    This weird tree grows in Lake Number Five A breeze gently bleeds wavelets while Gum balls litter the land and water

  • MircoPoem 20

    MircoPoem 20

    Photo by Juliana on Unsplash Brick-faced walls; I would have stalled To view their dispositions

  • MicroPoem 19

    MicroPoem 19

    58 steps on the Little Rock side The number of locks? Who has the time? I count steps; how ’bout you Going up and down, also through Keep up with me on the Junction “Lock” Bridge On the other side there’s fifty-six But identify the markings etched Whether in the locks or bridge

  • MicroPoem 17

    MicroPoem 17

    Photo by Scott May on Unsplash We’re walking the Broadway trail Stop long enough to quiver Vibrations within the rail As sun shines off the river

  • MicroPoem 11

    MicroPoem 11

    Photo by Hussain Badshah on Unsplash One time, near the bank of the #2 lake, That goose chased me for heaven’s sake!

  • MicroPoem 10

    MicroPoem 10

    Photo by Andrey Tikhonovskiy on Unsplash Swimming, once permitted, is no longer allowed Except for the many small to midrange waterfowl

  • MicroPoem 9

    MicroPoem 9

    Oh wow! Geese here now, My muse allows: Breath, Silence, Reverie.

  • MicroPoem 8

    MicroPoem 8

    Water-filled The scene instills Calm one can distill

  • MicroPoem 7

    MicroPoem 7

    Photo by Albert Stoynov on Unsplash Ducks on alert As I run and skirt Glances that nearly hurt

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