I Have a Problem

“Food is My Poison”

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Self Thought

“Self Thought”

Think too much of yourself and
Low worth pervades the mind
Yet your self thought erodes
As image elevates in kind
Yes worthless in some eyes
Pedestal placed in even less
Yet you are worth more than
Seeing yourself as worthless

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1905 Topf Road

I’ve had it on my list to write a poem about the house we live in, its character, charm, and what makes it our home: other’s presence. My wife and I are very hospitable and we love to entertain. I hope this piece captures the essence of our current home and of who we are as a family. Enjoy!

“1905 Topf Road”

Nineteen O Five Topf,
Where we call our home,
Just off Rosemont Drive;
You’ll never spend time alone.

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Season Change

Considering we’re halfway through winter now, I thought it’d be great to share my best poem as of late. This piece of information would be helpful for you to know, dear reader: I use a beach chair to sit by the fire during wintertime. Enjoy!


“Season Change”

Out my front doorway
Look there you’ll see
Epic waves of wind
Crashing into trees

Tides shift the shoreline again
My leaves, a sea, litter the ground
As sticks and twigs bob here and there
Some splash in sanguine, making sound

Glance off my back porch
Notice the small and tiny leaves
Incessantly they strike down and let up
To resemble black and white piano keys

Peace hits me exuberantly
As I savor season change
Yet I experience it sullenly
As leaves decay, looking gross
Clumping together by my shed
The temperatures, turning bitter
Hit endlessly my body and head
Sweat drenches me with blankets
And that damn space heater I fear
Might suddenly trip, burn or kill me
By the bathroom when I come near

But nothing
More soothing
Can I now recall
This winter from fall
Than this beach chair
As into our lives we stare
Sipping whiskey by the fire
You join me now free to admire