Lady In Waiting: Part 5

Song 5: “Temptress”

Verse 1

My girl’s got a temper like no one else

You’ll wish you never met her as well

I wish I would have seen this before I fell

Within her spell

Verse 2

She’s like the sea, this temptress has me

In her clutches as I scream and nearly drown

I can’t get away, it’s too late for me now

I’m in her hell; I’m in her spell

Verse 3

(Slow tempo) All that’s left is my ghost to warn you

Of this haunting mermaid demon’s scorn

Siren charms to crush you later, avoid her spell

(Quickening tempo) Avoid her spell, avoid her spell

Lady In Waiting: Part 4

Song 4: “Her Prestige”

Verse 1

Irene comes once again, now to inform me

Her real name is Siren (sung like a siren) and

She never meant to stay with me to the end

In fact, she’s not even fully human

Verse 2

Irene, I mean, Siren (sung like a siren)

A mermaid she’s always been but

I’ve still got it bad for her, years off and on again

My heart is drawn to this mere-woman

Siren’s Verse

(narrating male voice) She says, she says, she says

(brooding, female voice) I won’t come to you again; I don’t consider you as friend

(narrating male voice) Irene says to me

(brooding, female voice) Like the sea, I’m destructive; back away or I’ll kill you

(narrating male voice) She said, she said, she said


But I can’t do without her

No, I can’t do without (sung like a siren)

I can’t do without

No, I can’t do without Irene, ‘cuz

Outro Verse

I’m still entwined with her, perhaps I’ll forever be

Unless she murders me this next moment…

Lady In Waiting: Part 3

Song 3: “Subtle Shifts”

Verse 1

Subtle shifts down by the bay make me think we’re in for rain

They get inside, all the common folk, as I take a drag on one last smoke

Verse 2

Tides coming in, no boats going out, drops hit windows, flush water spouts

Like we’re dancing then sudden romancing, this storm has us all rambling about

Oh… Oh… Oh… But

Chorus 1

Everything’s gonna be alright; Irene came to me tonight

We focused only on our breaths and hid together inside

Oh… Oh… Oh…

Verse 3

Further shifts persist in our town, swift winds pound, signs knock down

Locked inside, we get shook up, hemmed in now, our screams and cries erupt

Waves getting higher, tossing ships, oh what a time for us to meet like this

If the end is near, at least Irene is here to save me from this hurricane

Chorus 2

Everything’s gonna be alright, Irene came to me tonight

We focused only on our breaths and hid together inside her cleft

Oh… Oh… Oh…

Lady In Waiting: Part 2

Song 2: “Her Ghost Perhaps”

Verse 1

I saw her again after a while

She still had that beautiful smile

At least I thought it was her (sung with stepping down notes)

Or her ghost that did stir

Verse 2

She peeked behind the waterfall (sung with stepping down notes)

So I began to follow her call

And was surprised by it all

I was surprised by it all

Verse 3

Light mist touched gently on my face

As my heart beat and quickened pace

Irene appeared soft as lace

As I was taken by her grace

Verse 4

We stepped to embrace once again

A flood of emotions burst within

The moment passed, I opened my eyes (sung with stepping down notes)

She disappeared to my demise

Verse 5

The mist of waterfall is all (sung with stepping down notes)

All the sensation I recall

But I’m still surprised by it all

I’m still surprised by it all

Lady In Waiting: Part 1

In talking with a friend today, I was reminded when I discovered the relationship between music and poetry. TL;DR – They’re cousins! Throughout the past few years, I have written words that I didn’t initially know if they were a poem or a song.

My first ever poem was based on blues lyrical structure and had music themes present. Years later, I turned that poem into a song, adding further lyrics. I’ve also intentionally made song lyrics poetic; in a way, I can’t help myself.

Anywho, I want to share a concept album with you that I’ve completed (for now). It’s not on Spotify, Apple Music or any other platform. I’ve decided my songs are best served for my processing and as an outlet for my creativity. If I play it for family or close friends and they like it, fine.

However, I will be posting the lyrics to the 5 songs under 5 parts. The album is entitled “Lady In Waiting.” I would be so happy to have you comment below with where you think the album is going and what is up with the girl, Irene. Hint: the album is an overall story, where each song tells a part of that story.

Song 1: “Irene, My Love”

Verse 1

Let me tell you ’bout my girl

She changed my life, became my world

And I can’t do without…

I met her first by the sea

She drew me in, let me see her treasure

So I can’t do without…

No, I can’t do without…

Chorus 1

She’s quite an enchanting beauty

Who seduced, mesmerized and bewitched me

So I begged her that same day in May to marry me

Verse 2

We woke together next morn

She brushed her hair, again I was torn

‘Cuz I can’t do without…

No, I can’t do without…

She vanished at sunset

Years past I still have no regrets

As I learn to do without…

One day soon, I’ll see my spouse…

Chorus 2

She’ll always be my sweet lady

Who enchanted, once loved and beheld me

Please Irene come back to be with me…