Lady In Waiting: Part 4

Song 4: “Her Prestige”

Verse 1

Irene comes once again, now to inform me

Her real name is Siren (sung like a siren) and

She never meant to stay with me to the end

In fact, she’s not even fully human

Verse 2

Irene, I mean, Siren (sung like a siren)

A mermaid she’s always been but

I’ve still got it bad for her, years off and on again

My heart is drawn to this mere-woman

Siren’s Verse

(narrating male voice) She says, she says, she says

(brooding, female voice) I won’t come to you again; I don’t consider you as friend

(narrating male voice) Irene says to me

(brooding, female voice) Like the sea, I’m destructive; back away or I’ll kill you

(narrating male voice) She said, she said, she said


But I can’t do without her

No, I can’t do without (sung like a siren)

I can’t do without

No, I can’t do without Irene, ‘cuz

Outro Verse

I’m still entwined with her, perhaps I’ll forever be

Unless she murders me this next moment…





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