Tag: Squirrel

  • MicroPoem 124

    MicroPoem 124

    The loud barking squirrel was a shock Jutting up the tree to mock and yell at me Then a pair of bunnies by the car were alarmed Hopping away, then watching me quite carefully

  • MicroPoem 60

    MicroPoem 60

    Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash A squirrel gingerly hops on and on Through our back yard, sniffing and Digging for remnants of hidden food I wonder, do they have a shadow to see?

  • MicroPoem 48

    MicroPoem 48

    Image by Ray Shrewsberry from Pixabay Walking past the scratch, scratch, scratches Of a squirrel booking it up that tree vigilantly

  • Lowly

    When light suddenly dissipates And darkness overshadows you What is that sense you get within? That powerful feeling called dread Status update: a cloud overhead Then you relax as your keen senses Diligently continue their important work Driving my kids to school one morning I discovered animals, different sorts even Have theses senses too, although…

  • Late Autumn

    Cool morning Rocking chair Squirrels in flight Crisp feels in the air

  • Squirrels in Fall

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