When light suddenly dissipates
And darkness overshadows you
What is that sense you get within?

That powerful feeling called dread

Status update: a cloud overhead
Then you relax as your keen senses
Diligently continue their important work

Driving my kids to school one morning
I discovered animals, different sorts even
Have theses senses too, although maybe less

Exhibit A: a young squirrel running forward
Instead of, like most its kind, darting to the side
Passing dead momma or papa, finally it runs up a tree

Or take the oversized puppy, oddly seen after
Plodding along like an idiot in the street, literally
Excited to please, presenting himself in front of cars

Alas, on par, is a mourning dove, seen last
Passing from side street into my street slowly
Noticing near death, it backs up looking quite lowly





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