Zombies All Up In the Civil War!


A while back, I read a daily post from my go-to website on the America Civil War.  I have to admit I was taken aback when I realized I wasn’t reading something that was written in the post apocalyptic landscape following the zombie virus outbreak.  Here is what I read that day as if the enemy were walkers:

We left Dalton yesterday morning, reaching Atlanta… On our arrival we saw numbers of families around the depot, in tents and old cars—refugees, who had been driven from their homes by the enemy… There is a scarcity of provisions… Dr. Young, put under the necessity of changing his abode, and Major Proctor, spent the evening with us. Major P. was very low-spirited, as he thought his chance of getting to his home in Kentucky less than ever. Dr. Y.’s indignation was so great against the extortioners and speculators, that he had none left for any one else. He was bitter in the extreme, which it is not much to be wondered at, when we think of how he and others have given up homes, friends, and every thing dear to them for the cause… If the enemy are culpable, who have driven people from their homes, and forced them to seek others among strangers, how much more so are those persons who are now living… If we are to judge from the signs of the times, the war is far from being over… (Source: Daily Observations from the Civil War)

Tell me you didn’t just read zombie literature!  Even if you don’t think so, there are times when others like me have mixed contexts in amazing ways.  I watched a movie previously available on Netflix that blew me away.  Combining the American Civil War with the Zombie Apocalypse, it’s called Exit Humanity.

Long story short and spoiler alert: a man experiences zombies in battle at the end of the war, but it doesn’t settle in till he returns home to find his family, half reanimated and soon turning.  Cue survival mode.  Brian Cox narrating definitely adds to the movie too!

Of course there is, from what a hear, a ridiculously awesome movie still on Netflix called Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies, which also mixes zombies with the Civil War.  I may have to add it to my list and watch it.  I’ll let you know how it turns out next week.


So, I was talking with a friend of mine this week who works with older folks.  In describing traveling and visiting places with them, she said a problem she runs into often is with the walkers.  After I chuckled for a while, I explained to her, “Oh, now I know what type of walkers you were talking about.”  My first thought went to zombies as walkers and not people who use walkers.  I need to stop reading zombies into everything!

Until next time, keep calm and kill zombies …



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