2 Poems of Family Life


Where’s Emma? Hello? Emma!?
I see her hand but not her face.
Maybe I’ll tickle her in this place…


VIPKID Classroom

Waking to teaching not my own,
I become conscious again, hearing song.
The comforter on my ear does not work one bit;
Her pillow smashed against my other ear muffles it

Some sleep would be nice, just a couple of minutes,
Before I need to get up to make our kids their breakfast.
Airplane to WiFi, I check the morning news and fall recipes
Hearing her sing: “Say hi to China, Hi China. Say hi to Lee, Hi Lee.”

Yes, hello Lee.
Thanks for awakening me
From my deep, silent, and unassuming slumber.
Yet I guess I did say, “Our bedroom could be your classroom,” I now remember.







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