I have been in an inspiration slump since the COVID-19 “lockdown” begun. I’ve not wanted to write music or play my guitar much, and I’ve not been inspired to write poetry either.

I had heard of #the100dayproject from a new friend that did 100 days of 100 words last year, and sure enough, she’s doing 100 days of Enneagram this year. I thought, I can do something!

As https://www.the100dayproject.org/ suggests, I picked a project I knew I could handle: writing 1 poetic line for 100 days. Above is Day 001. I think I’m even going to write a poem from this.

For more, check out #the100dayproject & #100daysof1poeticline on Instagram. I may post more here, but I’d be delighted for you to join me in this journey, even if you just read my stuff.





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