Full of Cheer

“There are moments that cry out to be fulfilled.”   - Mary Oliver

For Justin Holloway

Mud-marked stencils of leaves on the concrete
Remind me of recent rains that spanned days
But let’s not genuflect on fall’s ugly beauty
Instead, there’s a day most special to me

Picture that first real day of the season
When we all went down to Peebles Farm
Charmed by the thoughts of pumpkin patch
As our friendship, true and meaningful, latched

You wore your puffy black vest
While the sun shone oh so bright
Right in our faces as we waited and waited
For funnel cake and kettle-cooked corn to satiate

Inquiries brought new discoveries of living
Once in California and other shared interests
Rest beckoned somewhere behind the scenes yet
We hid time away, happily and otherwise invested

There was a spirit in the air, full of cheer
As we, with glee, sat by the fire and talked on
Drawn to deep speaking to deep and the mystery
Of others coming together to be seen and also to see





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