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  • Retreat Inside (Haiku)

    I have recently been inspired by Lize Bard (Haiku out of Africa) to write Haiku poems. Check out her work, and enjoy my poem crafted as a result of an experience I had today.

  • Mint Drank

  • Stingray

    I just got back from family vacation, and we had a blast! Fun places to go, amazing food, good times. I was even inspired to write a poem at one of the many places we went. Enjoy!

  • Arkansas Stone

    I’ve been missing the winter lately. Sitting by the fire, sipping warm beverage, etc. Maybe that’s because it has been SO hot! Nevertheless, I stumbled upon this poem I wrote last season. Enjoy!

  • I Have a Problem

    “Food is My Poison”

  • Self Thought

    “Self Thought” Think too much of yourself and Low worth pervades the mind Yet your self thought erodes As image elevates in kind Yes worthless in some eyes Pedestal placed in even less Yet you are worth more than Seeing yourself as worthless

  • 1905 Topf Road

    I’ve had it on my list to write a poem about the house we live in, its character, charm, and what makes it our home: other’s presence. My wife and I are very hospitable and we love to entertain. I hope this piece captures the essence of our current home and of who we are…

  • Dusk Stalking

    In want of a walk I cross my dull street, Listening for new sounds, Wondering what I’ll have found.

  • Caught


  • Human Certainty

    Today has been filled with conversations surrounding human certainty, or should I say, the desire to have certainty of things as humans. Or, if you prefer the term, clarity. Ironically, the first conversation was with my four-year-old daughter. Kids have so much to teach me. They can also teach you about yourself. We were looking…

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