Mint Drank

“Mint Drank”

As a boy, Maw-maw would fix me up
Mint Julep, extra-virgin style mind you,
To brighten my day and make me feel
Special, especially since she hand-picked
The mint from Paw-paw’s garden that day.

Yeah, I was big stuff back then, even though
I had no clue my beverage of choice was
Supposed to be made with bourbon too;
No, I would get merely a stew of water,
Sugar and fresh spearmint for my brew.

Oddly enough I love bourbon straight up or
Occasionally on the rock as I tell my wife.
After adequately rolling her eyes at me,
She tells me it’s on the “rocks” plural,
But what do I care? I do what I do.

I like mints in my yerba mate as well:
An organic blend of the holly plant,
Peppermint and spearmint to sweeten
Up the mix called Lady’s Breath from
Dave Mate at Circle of Drink in New York.

Who knows what the next mint drank I’ll
Drink? Perhaps I’ll go back to my roots but,
This time I’ll add the good stuff that helps
Balance my sweet tooth: Jameson, Bullet or
Ah who cares by now. You know I’ll say I do.





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