Wink, Wink

I’ve always enjoyed watching storms roll in. My love for this pastime grew in college, as I had a particular roommate we lovingly referred to as Dirty Steve or Steve Dave that enjoyed sitting together on our porch to smell, hear, sense, and fully take in incoming storms.

Since I currently don’t have an adequate porch on the side of the house that storms blow in on, I recently moved my rocking chair to the front area of our house, which has the perfect windows to observe outside movements. It was then, encountering the storm come in, that I had the idea to write a poem that captures, only in part to be sure, my experiences with thunderstorms.

Below, you will find my poem “Thunderstorm Winking,” but first, acclimate yourself with this GIF in order access deep emotions associated with how you encounter storms moving into your life.

Great shot of a thunderstorm cloud in the sky
Photo by Kathryn

“Thunderstorm Winking”

THE catalyst
Of stormy bliss
Comes not in mist
Nor subtle droplets

It may appear near
Changes of pressure
Subtle bird gestures
Worms just below surface

Orchestral parts prepare
Hear woodwinds warming up
The brass, strings, percussion
Yet trees wave on momentum

Change is human in nature
Simple as our mere breathing
Resounding thunderstorm blinks
Now thud and flash, with us winking





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