1905 Topf Road

I’ve had it on my list to write a poem about the house we live in, its character, charm, and what makes it our home: other’s presence. My wife and I are very hospitable and we love to entertain. I hope this piece captures the essence of our current home and of who we are as a family. Enjoy!

“1905 Topf Road”

Nineteen O Five Topf,
Where we call our home,
Just off Rosemont Drive;
You’ll never spend time alone.

When you see the red door
And the black welcome sign,
You’ll know you’re finally here.
Just ring the door bell; really, its fine.

Did you smell the rosemary coming in?
We pair it fresh with chicken on our menu.
Just sit back, relax and dine with us tonight.
We’ve anticipated and prepared just for you.

Don’t feel like you need to rush off.
Let’s watch a movie or play a game,
Pop the cork or take a last minute beer run.
Once you’re here, to us, you’re more than a name.

We’re sad to see others leave,
But we know it must happen soon.
Stepping outside as we wave goodbye,
Beautiful faces glow by the light of the moon.

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