Dusk Stalking

In want of a walk
I cross my dull street,
Listening for new sounds,
Wondering what I’ll have found.

I take a new, unbeaten path,
Undiscovered at least by me,
Passing the trees, rocks and dirt
With ideas of not coming back, I flirt.

Winding down a sublime trail,
I stop as to not alarm the other.
Dead in his track, or hers for that matter,
Stares a duck, once calm, longing now for water.

My next encounter stirs emotions.
Fear is building from one to another
As the goose starts darting at me swiftly,
I’m in slow motion to fast walking, quickly!

Deeper into uncharted territory,
No need to feign the story I’ll gain.
Dark rolls in and shadows play tricks;
The brain clouds up as fear gets its kicks.

I’m overtook from behind
As soon as can be made aware
By a startling and unrelenting sound,
My mind races to soon, with comfort, expound.

The cord between
My heart and ear
Reverberates uncontrollable
From this noise indistinguishable.

Fight, flight, or freeze
Is my current reality:
Coming toward
Imprisoning me!

Merely a leaf
On concrete
Skidding down
A darkened street





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