#5: Jesus Christ
(Jesus Christ: A 6th century mosaic of Jesus at Church San Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, Italy.)

Trampling over death by death
Oh how this phrase haunts me
Yet keeps me vastly wondering
What Christ’s death means for us

Is sin included in his death?
Is it weakened and defeated
In my life as I trust in Jesus of Nazareth
Who obtained salvation or showed love?

I dare not say for certain
But I do know this reality:
Trusting in the person of Jesus
Christ awakens life for all of us

What does Christ’s death mean
If not tied to his resurrection?

The apostle Paul says Christ died for our sins
And I say he’s resurrected for our life from death

Death met with death;
New life from our deaths

Christ suffered;
We gained
We suffer
To arise






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