If Only…

Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

We have a phrase in our family
It simply goes like this: “If only…”
Trailing off intentionally as if to
Say more and finish the thought

For you see we have two sweet girls
That are always doing something cute
Or revealing to us their unique cuteness
And we can just. not. handle it sometimes

So we say “If only…” as a way of joking
And ironically asking if they can be any cuter
Because the human mind is known to not know
What to do in handling so much innate cuteness

Like when a real-life teddy bear just is
Or a baby panda sits in all its plumpness
Or a puppy’s stout, short snout pokes out
As far as it can, beckoning us to then pinch it

I had to say once to my wife, “If only…”
As she did a silly dance in the hallway
I also asked, “Can you BE any cuter!?”
And she said, “I don’t know; I can try.”
If she does, she’ll succeed exceedingly





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