Family Quirks

What do I recall of my grandparent’s home?

The combined smell of them and their living
There. I was keenly aware of strong coffee aromas,
Tasty baked goods too, and how well we seemed to all gel.

What could be heard there?

Shuffling of cards, two decks mostly,
Ghostly tv screen static as they fell asleep
Again to the late night news, reclined softly.

What else did I see?

Golly gee, what didn’t I see in the garden we planted outside
Taken inside to cook after me poking deep in soil, where
Fat worms roamed and ants tried making their home?

How about fresh mint mixed with sugar, water, and tea bags,
Drags of ash growing longer, closer to their cigarette butts,
Plus a sizzling pan of fried eggplant bubbling in the oil?

Yes, I was quite spoiled too when we left all that.
Pawpaw’s hat? Check. Cane polls, bait, a light snack
In the backseat next to me in the old Chrysler Plymouth.

Perch with cut off heads, scaled, and back into the frying pan
Our hands were always full of life, liberty, and our mouths
Were quite proud of our hard work and family quirks.





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